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Someone slap me

I honestly cannot believe this is real.

This pre-sale is almost over!

Code: SPOOKY10 is active until this Friday 9/3 @ 11:59pm!

It's feels so official now that I've ordered some of the first products. Saturday morning I will order the products for this weeks orders!

Not all of the products are going to be back once the pre-sale is over so if you've been eyeing anything don't wait to order. Also, you get 10% off right now!

Fall is my favorite time of year and it feels like the perfect time to finally go all in on myself. I've been a ball of nervous, positive energy during this process. It's a huge step, but it's so exciting. If anyone knows me in real life (no you don't lol jk) you already know I don't like attention on me. I was always a shy and self-conscious. For a long time I thought that meant I couldn't get what I wanted because of it. Silly me. I deserve the goodness that comes with showing off my work and to put my work out there for those who enjoy it.

Saturday I'm going to go through the orders and finalize what will be kept on the website. Then I'll be starting the process of organizing items so I can add more designs.

Also, I've started brainstorming ideas for the Christmas/Holiday/Winter season! There's a lot of things in the works. I hope everyone shops small when they're shopping for gifts this year. Whether it be my small business or another one. It means the world to small artists. Plus, it can mean more to give unique gifts to your friends/family!

I've been trying not to drone on and on with these blogs, but I could write a book of how grateful I am right now.

I know not everyone are spooky season ghouls or can afford to support my business right now. That's perfectly okay!

I'm trying to all the spooky season ghouls and need your help to find them! Sharing my website/shop is free and beyond helpful. Subscribing is free. Telling me what products I should be offering or giving feedback is free. I want to keep moving forward and growing, but need the help of others to do so.

Anyway, happy fall! I'll keep you guys updated! We're all kind of flying by the seat of our pants recently.

Okay. Love you, bye!

There's been some surprise releases in the last couple days! Check out below:

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