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Beatta 6months

I've been a busy bee and feeling really behind lately. Spring is the best time of year and always when I want to get the most done in every part of my life. It's a little hectic, but somewhere in all the chaos Beatta came to visit for her 6 month photos last month!

Homegirl wasn't feeling the best, but we got some super duper cute ones!

I told Sammi (Beatta's mom/my best friend) that it's probably for the best she wasn't feeling the best because I had the hardest time narrowing down the photos to edit. The 6 month age is my favorite baby stage to photograph. They're just sitting (or about to) and their little personalities are coming through. Beatta DELIVERED all the facial expressions!

These photos were done in my living room, so towards the end when my husband, Jared, came home from work Beatta looked in the other room wondering who the heck that guy was. When Jared came to greet Beatta I got her reaction. It was comical for Sammi and I, but Jared felt so so bad. I explained to him that Beatta basically had the same reaction to me when they arrived, but there wasn't any cameras out to capture it. Stranger danger sets in around this age, so I knew not to take it personally. Jared thought he traumatized her for life. I'll let everyone else decide looking at the next series of photos!

I giggle every time I look at them.

When I took Beatta's newborn photos I used these big pink foam flowers. I knew I'd be taking her 6 month photos and thought it'd be fun to see the difference in how big they look next to her. The flowers that were half the size of her are now barely bigger than her head! I know every parent says their kids grow up in a blink of an eye. I know that to be a million times true for the baby stages. They're changing daily and seeing the 6 month difference is crazy!

The newborn photos were done in Humboldt at their house.

The 6 month photos are at my house in Waterloo.

I love being able to photograph the different stages. In all the craziness of raising children it's hard to remember every stage when looking back. That's why I'm here to take these photos. Even during the sessions where the kids/babies aren't having it they still turn out great. Their grumpy/crying faces are a part of life and should be remembered just as much as the smiles and giggles! Every mood makes up every kid's personality and that's what I'm here to document. All of my clients have been so understanding of that and I appreciate all of them for that. I'm here to capture real life not little statues.

Of course I had to freshen up the giant wreath and use it! This is the first time I've been able to try it out with a sitter. It's been a learning curve to photograph with this giant prop, but it's getting easier and every time I change it for the seasons it's my favorite thing ever!


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