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Stevey's Senior Session

Let me start off by saying Stevey KILLED IT!

They traveled all the way from Ames to meet me in downtown Cedar Falls.

When I'm photographing new faces, especially seniors, I send out a questionnaire. That way I have a general idea of who they are. On the last question of, "is there anything else I should know," Stevey answered that she didn't like having her photos taken. I don't think we got to the second outfit before I told her, "for not liking your pictures taken you sure are good at it!"

She's so photogenic!

Taylor (hair/make-up goddess) told me after her and Zach's session (2 blog posts back) that they had friends with a senior in need of photos. Not only did Taylor make sure Stevey had new lashes and a fresh hair for her session, but Taylor (and Zach) tagged along making sure Stevey looked great the entire time. Stevey had the best entourage and true MVP's with her!

We started in front of the Blackhawk Hotel in downtown Cedar Falls and walked around that area of downtown and found a few great locations. After that we headed to Big Woods for some outside photos. There was rain in the morning that made us all worry for a minute, but it cleared up in time making it one of the first days that wasn't ether a million degrees or 1000% humidity. What a perfect day for a photoshoot!

Stevey and her parents were a dream to work with and are just the sweetest bunch of humans! I love when clients are up for exploring new locations. We walked around and found more locations than I was anticipating. We were able to get a lot of outfits and locations in just a couple hours. I usually don't follow a set time as long as there's daylight, but I was super impressed with all of us!

One thing about photographing outside you never know what you'll find or how the sun will factor into lighting and we all just have to roll with the punches. Towards the end I was even having technical issues with my light. I'm thinking it may have been user error, but I'm going to blame the piece of equipment that can't tell you otherwise. I've said it a million times, but being able to create art for a living is amazing!

HUGE thank you to Stevey and her family for allowing me to continue doing what I do. Extra special thanks to Taylor and Zach and Jared (my husband/editor/best light stand holder around) for tagging along and making things go smoothly! Tack on an extra thanks to Taylor for taking some behind the scenes photos! I forget to request them, so I never get any. It's so fun to see what everyone else does!


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