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Beatta Marie

Sweet, squishy baby B,

We've all been so excited to finally meet you. She made her arrival Sept 16th! My best friend/bae, Sammi, makes the cutest little babies. Just a few years ago I was taking Wayne's newborn photos. Check out the comparison between the two below. Carbon freaking copies! Their photos were both taken at about a week old.

Even their little ears!

A lot has changed since Wayne's session in 2018. I hadn't quite realized at Wayne's session that newborns/babies were a direction I wanted to focus on. I'm still not an expert swaddler, which I'm totally okay with, but I've definitely upped my stylizing game! It helps that my friends are growing their families and having the cutest little babies. Truly just any excuse to hang out with cute little babes for a living.

I have especially loved watching Sammi & Michael become parents and being involved in their children's lives. Even if I live 2 hours away. I try to visit as often as possible. Wayne is the sweetest, goofiest little guy. It's been fun to watch his personality develop.

I picked some of my favorite photos from Beatta's session last week!

Wayne wasn't in the mood to get a lot of photos. I can't really blame him after being at daycare all day. We managed to get a few good ones, though! His smile and glasses!! I can't! Too cute!

Can you believe all of these were taken at their house? I packed up our Jeep and traveled back to the Humboldt area for the day!

In-home sessions are a lot of work for me. It's only a lot of work because I literally bring almost everything I own. I'd rather bring too much than be mid session and realize I could use something I left at home. In-home sessions can be perfect for you. Newborn sessions, especially, it's super helpful for me to come to you. It's easier on everyone. Parents don't have to haul one or more children around and the baby doesn't have to leave their happy space. It's also a lot easier to get pets in the photos, if that's what you're wanting.

I also want to take a moment to brag that I'm one of the only people Pearl (cat in photo above) with come out of hiding for. She also crashed Wayne's newborn session. Below is Chester crashing our session to chew the dried flowers on my wreath and chase my hands as I arranged things.

Thank you guys for being the absolute best!

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