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It feels like Christmas

After the pre-sale I ordered everyone's products and some extras! It's been a waiting game. Even bets with myself which one will arrive first given the estimated ship date. When I ordered the tote bags it said it wouldn't be here until the beginning of October.

I've been getting packages almost every other day. Our dog, Lola, is not a fan. It feels like Christmas morning every time a package is delivered. I also haven't ordered anything in quite some time. Nobody in this house is used to the big delivery trucks anymore.

I've been having some growing pains. I've printed products a lot in the past, but there's always a learning curve when working with new companies/products. It's been a little stressful, but I know it's a part of growing and trying new things. Sending things back and troubleshooting issues. Also companies with horrible customer service is enough to make me never order through them again. It's a lot, but will be worth it in the end. Next time I'll have more knowledge.

Thank you everyone for your orders and patiently waiting for them! Way more patient than me. I'm trying hard to fulfill orders as I get them. I've been checking the status of my orders every day! This got the ball rolling towards the goal of being able to afford to have inventory in-house and ship way faster.

There's a few more products and reprints I'm waiting on. Next week most of the orders should be shipped out!!! Hooray!

I've only been able to focus on future products to design. I've gotten some ideas from you lovely people and I'm going to run with them! I'm all for more ideas if anyone has something in mind that they're not seeing. I started this shop with the idea of paper products. I'm a sucker for a good notebook, so I've been researching the best ways to deliver my idea to existence!

I'm loving the fall weather, it's my favorite time of year. Sweater weather is my season. My time to shine. I'm trying to hold onto that feeling, but also get in the mood to create winter/Christmas designs. I also have a bunch of handmade, one of a kind items that I'll be adding to the shop.

Seriously, if you have any designs or products you're specifically looking for please let me know! I have an entire page of ideas in mind, but would like your input!

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