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Kelly & Michael Engagement

These two love birds are getting married next month!

Last weekend my husband and I met Kelly and Michael. We decided when we were planning this session that meeting about halfway between our homes would be the best for everyone. Naturally I Googled parks from Waterloo, IA to Red Wing, MN and the Masonic Park in Spring Valley, MN came up. There weren't a lot of pictures other than the amazing stone wall. I was was in awe and decided to take a chance. Worst came to worst I figured we could drive around the area and find something. When the GPS told us to turn down a gravel road for a few miles I was a wee bit skepitcal, but figured it'd be worth it. Wouldn't you know down the curvy gravel hill would be this beautiful view. To us it felt like we were in the moutains without the altitude sickness. I don't think there was even a sign telling us we were at a park. There was a shelter area with some picnic tables. The best part about this location wasn't just the beautiful midewest mountain, but the cutest little creek that ran along the stone and wound down towards the road we came in on. Fun fact, I'm a SUCKER for a creek. The sound alone brings me so much joy!

When I'd woken up that day it was snowing the most beautiful thick and heavy snow. I knew it wouldn't last but part of me hoped it would. It didn't even last by the time we left town. I knew in Waterloo it was supposed to get almost to 50° but other than that I had no clue what the conditions would be like. The sky ended up being blue with enormous clouds; it was perfect. When the sun was covered by a cloud it'd get really chilly, and at one point it was as sunny as could be while it was sleeting. Spring in the Midwest is wild!

I was thinking the other day after this session how many people I know because of Kelly. It's bananas! We grew up in the same small town and went to school together. She was a year ahead of me in school. I'd pick her up on my way to school sometimes after I'd gotten my school permit. Her house was on my route so I don't feel like I was breaking the school permit rules. If I was we didn't care. We'd hang out at each other's houses, play with fire (safe-ish), and have sit down dance parties...or sit down DP's as we called them.

While Kelly was in college nearby I'd visit pretty regularly. When she went down to Ames and I went to Minneapolis that didn't stop me from visiting when I could. The amount of people I met through her during those college years is absolutely insane to me. It's so awesome to have memories together from when we stood awkwardly by the tree during outside games at bible camp to now as I get to document her little fam and WEDDING! I'm incredibly honored that Michael and Kelly would choose me to document their love! They are so cute together and I cannot wait to watch your love grow!

It's going to be an amazing, wild day and we're all going to have a blast celebrating!


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