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Shipping PSA!

I touched in the last blog that there's a new company I'm printing apparel through. I'm super excited about this new company. The quality is better AND you'll get your order faster. Who could be upset with that?

The items that are now with this new company are all apparel, backpacks, and drink ware as of right now. When you place your order it'll automatically separate the items. This new company will print and ship items directly to you and deal with any return/quality issues. So if you order stickers and a hoodie you'll get two packages. Honestly, I enjoy getting to open multiple packages! Some other items in the shop I don't keep inventory, so I order the item(s) once you order them then I ship them to you once I receive them. Meanwhile, there's a lot of items in the shop that I have inventory of that will ship the same week you order.

Hopefully all of that makes sense. I'm trying not to over explain it. If you have any questions check the item descriptions. All of them have fulfillment times and if for some reason they don't just assume 2 weeks. I've had a couple orders where things have gone awry, and in those cases I reach out and give you a heads up. This is still a newer venture and growing pains are happening more frequently than I'd like, but you cannot expand your knowledge without them. I just wish some of them didn't cost money for my own pocket's sake.

I think that this new company will be a great addition to the shop! I'm excited to expand what I can offer! This last update I was able to start making baby/kids clothing. So stinking cute! I have a design in the shop right now where the entire family can match! I'll put links below if you're interested in that!

I'm going to keep it short and sweet today! Hopefully this explains any questions that may come up!

Talk to you soon!


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