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Shipping update!!

Wee!! I've started piecing together orders. I'll get the ones together that I can once I post this. Tomorrow I will be printing shipping labels and taken them to the post office! Any local orders will also be dropped off tomorrow! Shipping was

the part I was most nervous about when all of this was just an idea. Now that it's here I feel more confident about it.

I've had a few issues with some products that needed reprinted. Some products just take forever to fulfill. I'm trying to manifest them on my doorstep, but I'm told that doesn't expedite production. *eye roll*

The orders I can't fulfill quite yet...

If you order contains the coffee mug with multiple designs, notepads, toiletry bag, enamel pins, or the metal keychains I won't be able to ship your whole order quite yet. If you had 3 or more items ordered I will ship what I have and ship the rest of your order(s) once I get them in. I had a few people order a couple times (I still can't believe that!) I will be combining orders into one shipment if I can.

It's a small update, but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop. I did not forget about you! Thank you so much!

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