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There's a little bit for everyone this time!

Not only did I get my shop updated on time but I got it done 2 hours early!! It gets a little easier every shop update to get the listings on! I really do think there's something for everyone!

First things first, I'm having a buy one get one free sale on all notebooks, notepads, and sticky notes! Use code: YAY1 to get that deal. Right now shipping is free on all orders over $35. These two deals are only available from now (March 26th) to next Saturday, April 2nd. Just one week to get in on that awesome deal.

Okay, okay. The thing I'm most excited for...PLANTS!! I've been wanting to find a way to thin out my plant collection a little bit. I have a lot of duplicates and need to let some go; my tiny house can only handle so many plants, unfortunately. Some plants are newly propagated so they'll ship without soil, and some of them I'm getting rid of the full plant, pot and all. Most of them are very beginner friendly. I have some ficus elastica/rubber tree varieties that can cause an allergic reaction. If you have a latex allergy maybe reconsider that one.

I'm now offering some embroidered options on the website. This tie dye hat in particular has me so excited! I will be ordering one for myself to wear out in the garden this summer! There's 4 different tie dye color options, but it that's not your thing I also have solid colored hats with the keep growing embroidered on it.

The little ghostie character always finds a way to be my favorite! You can find him on Easter cards, hand towels, and metal prints.

I've been wanting to do a full on pattern shirt and I got the chance for this update! I love the subtle floral with the smokey/tie dye look! There's plenty of varieties of tanks and tees with that pattern along with some jogger sweats down below. My first sample order I chose the joggers and was so surprised by how freaking soft they are! They are 'form fitting' so size up if you like a looser fit!

The bunny design was hard for me to fully get down. I knew what I wanted, but couldn't figure out the balance of it. One of my first drafts I posted a process video on TikTok and someone commented wanting it as a tattoo! SO freaking awesome to think about having my art on someone. I wasn't aware anyone would be interested. For this update I made it a collection and will be adding different art in it periodically. If you ever see something I create that you want as a tattoo and I don't have it in the "tattoo release" collection shoot me a message and I'll add it for you!

There's also some posters and bright spring wreaths in the shop. Seriously so much new stuff, it just keeps getting better. Coming out of winter and into spring is just a vibrant change; like, I crave the color. As always I have stickers, stationery, and more apparel for you to check out. I've worked really hard to get it all organized so it's easy for everyone perusing!

Please check out the rest of the shop, share with friends, and maybe spend a little money!


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