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Wyatt Family Evolution

Last week on Facebook I shared some photos from Baby Leo's newborn session. Leo is baby #4 for the Wyatt's. Look at how flipping adorable he is! This session was another in-home session. I traveled back to the Humboldt area with a full car and took over their living room! It's so much easier for me to travel. In home sessions are seriously where it's at!

Kassie and Beans have allowed me to photograph their family since I first started photographing professionally. They were some of my first clients ever, 7ish years ago! It's mind blowing to me. I appreciate the crap out of them. It's been awesome to watch their family grow.

I don't look back at my old photography very often. My style and abilities have grown so much in the last decade. It's kind of cringey for me to look back on older work. When I did a deep dive into my hard drive I realized it's not that cringey. My brain just hyped it up worse than it really is. When I got out of college I was hellbent on photographing touring musicians and live shows so newborns were a little out of my wheelhouse at the time. Looking through these photos makes me so happy that the music photographer thing didn't work out. The journey of photographing families and newborns is rewarding on so many level and also a lot less sleeping in a van with 6 other people in a Walmart parking lot.

I've known Kassie and Beans for a long time. I was like the annoying little sister (like 13) when my cousin, Brett, was in high school and would begrudgingly drag me along to random hangouts where Beans and Kassie would sometimes be. I was only deemed cool enough to tag along with Brett after he super glued my brand new tennis shoes together, so I retaliated...also grandma made him bring me. I finally had enough after he ruined my shoes so I superglued random things in his room at our grandparent's house. I super glued everything I could get my hands on. He was like the typical older brother who was always mean and pulled pranks on me. We tell everyone that he tried to kill me until I was like 12. It sounds dramatic, but I don't think it was always far from the truth. I enjoy telling people that story whenever I can. Anyways, as a former annoying little sister at the high school hangouts I never thought any of those people would ever want to hire me to do their photos.

Seriously, every time I photograph them I'm mind blown how supportive they've been. When Kassie first contacted me she was newly pregnant and had a series in mind that she wanted to do. We did a session right away, a maternity session, and one newborn. I photographed their wedding. Then their second, third, and fourth child's newborn sessions with some family sessions sprinkled in throughout the years and somewhere in there was a boudoir session. I've selected a variety of photos from all of their sessions. I had a TON to choose from. Piecing this together has been so cool and truly showcasing why I chose photography to being with.

Without further ado, please enjoy the evolution of the Wyatt fam!

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