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Zach + Taylor

Zach and Taylor's session has been a LONG time coming. We tried to schedule something last fall and fall for everyone was just extra crazy. If it hasn't been our schedules clashing it was Mother Nature not cooperating. Thankfully, all the stars aligned and we finally got to take some photos under their fabulous willow tree!

We took a mini tour around the property when we got there to see where I'd want to photograph. Anyone who knows me knows I love my plants and love to garden. When I saw the fencing around their garden that Zach found and put up my jaw dropped. It's thick wrought iron and absolutely beautiful; the photo below shows it off perfectly!

Zach and Taylor have a lot of projects they've done around their property and a mile long list that they want to do eventually. I wanted to get a photo in front of the pond they've created. I'm always majorly impressed by anyone who builds a pond. It even has little fishies. I know that it already looks different since their session.

All of these photos are a going to be great to look back on later to see how much has changed just with the property alone. With any property there are projects always evolving and even when you think it's finished you always find ways add, change, or tweak a few things. I know Zach and Taylor's place is going to be no different. I told them we could take photos every year for the next ten years and never get the same picture twice. Honestly, I love that journey for all of us!

Zach gifted this hanging bench to Taylor to put their initials in, and I think that's just one of the sweetest things in the whole wide world.

When I first moved to Cedar Falls 5-6ish years ago someone recommended Taylor when I was asking around about hair stylists. I really liked her and have followed her to different salons, had her do hair and make-up for my wedding, and she introduced me to our wedding photographer, and has been the best hype woman when it comes to any and all baked goodies I make. I met Zach when we pulled up to their house for their session. Both of them made me and my husband (my trusty assistant) feel so welcome. We had an absolute blast hanging out with them for an evening and know it won't be the last. We declared we're bringing the s'mores stuff with us next time!

Thanks to both of you for being the best!


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